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Badger Foundry Company
P.O. Box 1306
1058 East Mark Street
Winona, MN 55987-7306
Phone: 507-452-5760
    Fax: 507-452-6469



We produce:

Gray Iron Castings: Class 30, 35 and 40.

Ductile Iron Castings: 65-45-12, 60-40-18, 80-55-06 and 100-70-03.

ADI, Low Temperature Ductile

Gray Iron from 100 to 4,500 lbs.

Ductile Iron from 100 to 2,500 lbs.


Casting Weights (enlarge image)


Flask Sizes:

Green Sand: Cope and Drag Jolt Squeeze - 24 x 36 up to 36 x 62 inches. (Designed to fit your product.)

No Bake: All flasks are custom designed with sizes up to 80 x 80 inches.

Melt Capacity of our Cupola and Electric Furnaces:

Gray Iron: 130 tons/daily

Ductile: 35 tons/daily (with room for expansion)


Our 135,000-sq.-ft. facility includes :

    • Cupola and Electric Melt
    • 40 Ton Holding Furnace
    • 3 Green Sand Molding Lines
    • 2 No Bake Lines large cast
    • 3 No Bake Core Make Lines
    • Automated Process Control Techniques
    • Extensive Handling Equipment
    • Sand Lab
    • Metrology
    • Pattern Shop
    • Cleaning

Value Added Services

Badger maintains a high quality supplier base to accommodate Tier 1 functions. Supplier Approval Process, detailed specifications, financial strength and dedicated working relationships are some of the critical aspects of Tier 1. Primary Tier 1 activities are Paint, Heat Treat, Machining and assembly.