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Badger Foundry Company
P.O. Box 1306
1058 East Mark Street
Winona, MN 55987-7306 USA
Phone: (507) 452-5760
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Technical Processes

Badger Foundry uses sophisticated technical tools and methods from start to finish.

  • Computer-aided design programs ensure castability.

  • Blueprint and models are transferred electronically.

  • Solidification is conducted to ensure casting soundness with no internal defects.

Solid Model


Every casting is unique. Badger specializes in highly cored complex work. Our professional engineering staff works closely with our customers to design and develop high quality and leading edge tooling, resulting in high-quality casting. All this is done with a primary focus on providing the most cost effective design possible.

We can receive electronic transfer of blueprint and modeling information using Pro-E, Catia, Anvil, Unigraphics or I-DEAS. Online communication tools such as Web X and Same Time are also an integral part of our engineering process. We perform Solidification Modeling to understand feed paths and casting soundness. Activity on all new work is closely tracked and communicated with the customer.

A special place in the Market

The castings Badger Foundry produces are typically complex in design, or they present unique metallurgical issues that require tight process control.

We take problem job castings and design the quality defects out, through collaboration with our customers. We also design a specific process control program for each job as it relates to our Quality Management System.